Take the first steps to rebuilding your business

Take the first steps to rebuilding your business

The past week has been traumatic for South Africans, businesses have been looted, families scared and our lives were interrupted by gunfire!

But now is the time to rebuild

As a proudly South African firm, our first thought was how can we assist the businesses in South Africa to recover and rebuild from the violence and looting that has occurred. In these traumatic times business owners are left extremely frustrated with trying to establish a way on how to move forward. We at Morar Incorporated can provide you with a starting point by assisting you with your SASRIA claims for your business.

What is SASRIA:

SASRIA is a non-life insurance company that provides coverage for damage caused by special risks such as politically motivated malicious acts, riots, strikes, terrorism and public disorders.

Is your business insured and if so, do you have SASRIA cover? Any claims due to the riots will be assessed by SASRIA provided it is included in the existing policy and submitted within 30 days from date of incident.


How can Morar Incorporated assist you in submitting your SASRIA claim via your insurance broker:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Management Accounts
  • Cash flow projections
  • Income and Expenditure projections for business interruption claims


Contact us:

Morar Incorporated Pietermaritzburg

Director: Shalika Maharaj

Contact Tel No: 033-3454004

Email address: shalika.maharaj@morar.co.za


Morar Incorporated Durban

Director: Jennifer Reddy

Contact Tel No: 031-5663574

Email address: jennifer.reddy@morar.co.za


Morar Incorporated Gauteng

Director: Piloshini Daver Rampersadh

Contact Tel No: 012- 6613140

Email address: piloshini.rampersadh@morar.co.za


Morar Incorporated is not a registered FSP.

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