Services To Provincial Departments & Public Entities

Outcome-based services require the correct combination of human capital, physical resources and single-mindedness.


Morar Incorporated has assembled a team of leading experts across a spectrum of disciplines to provide globally competitive and reliable services. We strongly believe in a value-added, outcome-based service that is measurable and comparable. Our team of financial, legal and investigative experts is at hand to provide an immediate and direct solution to all your financial management, financial accounting and reporting, investigation and risk assessment needs, offering practical and multi-skilled approaches to the increasingly complex commercial environment.


Our core business is underpinned by a value system that permeates the entire organisation. The values we hold and the value we bring are thus fundamental to our every function. We pride ourselves on our ability to maximise the value that our clients derive, and hence we offer an integrated business solution through our divisions in our offices, namely Auditing, Financial Management and Accounting, Financial Reporting, Forensic Investigation Services, Training and Risk Management Solutions.



Our services to Provincial Departments and Public Entities include the following:


  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Internal Audit & Risk Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Audit Readiness Program
  • Annual Financial Statements & Budgets
  • Asset Management (Moveable, immoveable, intangible, consumables and inventory)
  • Receivables and liability management
  • Revenue Management
  • Expenditure management
  • Evaluation and investigation of irregular expenditure
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Policies and Procedure Manuals
  • Staff Secondment
  • Financial Recovery Plans
  • Audit of Performance Information
  • Validation of Data
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