E-caps/Performance Management



The ECAPS concept was developed in 1999 as a result of the gap identified between an organisation’s strategy and its operational implementation and the management of this strategy.


ECAPS has been introduced to a wide range of organisations in the private sector. More than 200 organisations in Africa, UK, Europe and Australia have used or are using the model in one form or the other.


In 2013 Morar Incorporated identified the value that ECAPS would add to the public sector and after extensive research and development, a Public Sector model was developed in line with the National Treasury Framework for managing performance information and the Results Based Management approach.


Hence, it integrates strategy, people, processes and measurements to improve decision making, transparency and accountability and focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning and adapting as well as reporting on performance


  • Augments the MPAT reporting and evaluation process with regard to strategic management. MPAT is a Management Performance Assessment Tool introduced by the Office of the Presidency to strengthen governance and management in the public sector in the following four key Performance Areas – Strategic Management, Governance and Accountability , Human Resources Management and Financial Management
  • No infrastructure , maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Reduces audit time
  • Can be easily customised and adapted to change
  • Tailor made for public sector reporting
  • Industry standard system architecture promotes effortless data sharing and dissemination
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