Forensic Investigations

Our specialist team can help you prevent, investigate and remediate issues that could potentially damage your brand and bottom line. Coupled with cutting edge detection tools and approaches we are able to review all potential components of your organisation in order to implement an effective policy that will reduce your risk to crime.


Fraud, corruption and other economic crime, particularly when it concerns senior management, requires a thorough, professional and independent approach. You and the affected parties will require the reassurance of an effective response that is supported by a combination of forensic accounting and investigative skills to make well informed decisions, whether in the boardroom or the courtroom.

Our services include:


  • Investigation of financial irregularities, including unauthorised expenditure, irregular expenditure and fruitless & wasteful expenditure
  • Supply chain management review, training and compliance testing
  • SMS mentoring programme
  • Expert testimony in PFMA related matters
  • Collection and safeguarding of evidence
  • Search and seizure in conjunction with the South African Police Services
  • Tracing witnesses and suspects
  • Compiling affidavits and taking statements
  • Interviewing and questioning witnesses and suspects
  • Facilitating polygraph examinations
  • Facilitating expert document examinations
  • Verifying witness testimony
  • Ongoing liaison with the South African Police Services and Department of Justice
  • Compiling criminal and disciplinary cases
  • Competent testimony in disciplinary, civil or criminal proceedings
  • Preparing comprehensive financial profiles on individuals and companies
  • Asset tracing & recovery
  • Money laundering investigations
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