COVID – 19 Business Assist Unit

COVID – 19 Business Assist Unit

As the Covid 19 Pandemic ravages nations worldwide leaving economies in financial ruin, we at Morar Incorporated understand that prevention is always better than cure. We have heeded the call of our Honorable President and have prepared a financial battle plan to curb the impact of financial losses.

We connect with the concept of Containment yet understand the importance of Sustainment. It is with this in mind we have created the Morar Incorporated Covid 19 Business Assist unit. This unit has been created to assist Businesses, Employers and Employees in relation to applying for assistance and funding in respect of :


SMME Business Assistance Funding

Our office will assist you in preparation of all supporting documentation and the completion and submission of the funding application. This includes Annual financial statements, Management accounts, Cash flow projections, etc. which allows you to be in a  position to be able to get financial assistance.


Covid UIF Employer-Employee Relief Scheme

Our experienced Consultants will assist by liaising with the Unemployment fund on your behalf in terms of the Employer Relief benefits that are available.

Our hands on experience ensures that your application is completed efficiently and effectively. In addition, the Unit will assist in ensuring your business is also able to receive the Tax Benefits available during this period which includ:

  • Employment Tax incentives
  • Reduced Provisional tax liabilities
  • Reduced Payroll taxes liability


Our designated experienced team are well versed in legislation, with respect to the Employment and Tax benefits and are able and willing to assist you during these tough times.

Lets Lock forces and work hand in hand in getting us moving forward.

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