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As COVID-19 continues to spread, rattling financial markets and forcing the closure of schools and businesses, our Government has taken drastic measures to mitigate the impact on all citizens. As this situation continues to evolve, we at Morar Incorporated are also taking steps to protect our team, families and our clients.


In line with the President’s address all our offices will be closed from Friday, 27 March through to 16 April 2020. We have leveraged on technology and our team’s commitment to ensure that our staff are well equipped to work remotely during the lockdown period, and assure you that we remain poised to continue to serve you during this closure, with the excellent service you have come to expect from us at Morar Incorporated.


We are all in this together and are committed to doing our part to slow the spread of the virus while continuing to remain available to support you and your businesses during these challenging and uncertain times. As part of this commitment we share with you the following guidance to consider at leadership levels, in your response to mitigate any identified business risk:


  1. Recognize this situation for what it is, which is a crisis.
  2. Task your leadership team with specific responsibilities to deal with elements of your business continuity.
  3. Create an emergency response team comprising senior leaders to deliberate on the emerging situation and have one single line of communication with your staff. Simplicity and consistency in communication will provide clarity that will lead to security.
  4. Plan your liquidity in terms of cover for your fixed costs for the ensuing 3 to 5 months. Your first priority must be short-term financial health. Plan for the worst-case scenario, in both magnitude and duration, by developing a list of structural changes that can be implemented should the crisis deepen or linger. Your operational leadership must believe in and be willing to apply those changes before they become a necessity.
  5. Think creatively about who can help you. In a crisis like this, your customers and suppliers are not just arm’s length economic partners; they are flesh-and-blood communities facing the same issues that you are. The solutions that will make you resilient may be found with your partners.
  6. Use technology platforms to collaborate better with your stakeholders and within your ecosystem.
  7. Channel your team’s attention on those special projects that they always wanted to start, but never found time for.


We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all our clients and their staff that fall within the “Essential Services” designations and who will continue to serve our country during the lockdown period.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you, your loved ones and staff well during these trying times.

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