Corporate Social Responsibility

Morar Incorporated strives to make an impact that matters. At Morar Incorporated our values of integrity and care and respect for people runs deep. We are therefore committed to empowering people and providing better opportunities to those from previously disadvantaged communities through our range of national initiatives.

We are passionate about the corporate social responsibility and as leaders in our field, we understand the importance of “not just following the dictates in addressing inequalities in society in which we operate, but by demonstrating visible accountability of our staff.”

Supporting previously disadvantaged individuals

Having been involved in numerous initiatives over the years, our primary focus, which complements our service offering, is to dedicate professional accounting services to organisations which supply previously disadvantaged individuals.

Adoption of Children Homes

We also regularly donate food, clothing and toys to various non-profit organisations. Contributions of much-needed items, such as baby food and nappies, are made to the respective Children’s Home. We are involved in various progressive initiatives with children’s homes.

Work Place Giving Program

In addition to the orphanages we support nationally, we have have teamed up with the Pietermaritzburg and District Community Chest in support of their Work Place Giving Program. The program is designed to give organisations and their employees the opportunity to enhance the community and restore hope. During this particular program proceeds will be donated to the Pietermaritzburg Community Chest and will be used by them to address the community’s key social issues such as health, welfare and education.


East London Office visits local children’s home

The King’s Children’s Home was set up by Tracy King and her husband 5 and a half years ago when an 8 week old baby was found abandoned outside their house. Having been already involved in the community, the Police asked them to look after the child while they search for the mother. After accepting the responsibility, they began researching abandoned and abused children and 5 and a half years later, 58 abandoned and abused children have found new families to love and care for them without any government funding.

Tracy informed us of the plight of children in South Africa, but in the Eastern Cape in particular which has the highest rate of child abandonment in the country with over 38 000 children being abandoned annually. She shared the children’s stories of abandonment and abuse which touched each and every one of us.

Kimberley’s Care Center

Bophelo Care Centre cares for Abused and Abandoned Children, Children with special needs and Aids Orphans. Each child, whether a day old baby or a two-year-old toddler is taken in and receives specialized care and medication.

The Centre officially opened its doors in November 2004. It has a housemother / Place of Safety parent that stays in the house. The house also has day and night staff as well as volunteers. Bophelo is a 24-hour Place of Safety. Since opening its doors wit has
admitted 138 children.

Some of the Kimberley staff members recently went to visit the centre with a donation of formula for the babies.