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Red Feather Legacy

The PMB & District Community Chest is offering you a unique philanthropic opportunity to serve our community at an extraordinary level by joining its Red Feather Legacy (RFL) Project. The RFL Project is designed to afford you and your family a philanthropic opportunity to create a perpetual legacy of giving and caring for our community.
To become a member of the RFL Project, either as an individual or in the name of your family, you are encouraged to donate an amount of R10 000 (either once off or in monthly instalments). This philanthropic gift will be invested – never to be touched. Only the return on the investment will be used towards the operational running of the Community Chest.

In recognition of your extraordinary philanthropy, a plaque, in your desired name will be placed on the RFL Wall of Honour located on the façade of the Community Chest Offices, at 12 Stranack Street, Pietermaritzburg. The Wall of Honour is updated each time a contribution is made to the RFL Project or when a RFL member attains a new level of honour.

From left to right: Angie Narayanan and Mr Roshan Morar

The newest member, Mr Roshan Morar, who has generously made philanthropic gifts towards this amazing project. Together we can envision the Community Chest continuing for another 59 years as we together help to enhance communities and restore hope.

Building our Community

The youth is our future! We have taken this opportunity to visit underprivileged schools in Pietermaritzburg and donate 5 printers and hampers to each school to help these amazing educators make a better tomorrow. We will be visiting other schools in the area and helping them achieve their goals.

The Schools we have visited so far are Ekukhanyeni Special School, Isiqongweni Secondary School

Ekukhanyeni Special School (public intellectual disability school)

Mehlokazulu Secondary School

Isiqongweni Secondary School